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About Shakespeare's Rose Theatre

As the home of the British Shakespeare Company, The Rose Theatre will be a stunning and vibrant repertory and touring space. The building will be a national icon, rivaling any other outside the capitol. In addition to the playing space, we envision The Rose Theatre working as an exciting, educational living history centre. The finished hub of buildings will be a major tourist attraction.

Repertory and touring work
The Rose would play host to a four month season of professional theatre. This would include a repertory season performed by the British Shakespeare Company as well as productions by visiting companies from around the world.

The Rose Theatre will be a theatrical melting pot bringing together works from different traditions and cultures, mixing new work, music, dance and classical theatre.

Education & Tourism
On weekdays, the Rose Theatre would work as a Living History Centre, opening its doors to tourists and school groups all year round. Actors, employed to perform scenes from Shakespeare’s plays, would lead tours around the theatre at prearranged times during the day. School groups from around the region would be encouraged to visit and enjoy a lively and engaging historical experience.

The Rose Theatre’s Museum would also be open all year round and would serve as a major tourist attraction. The museum would house costumes from the film Shakespeare in Love, a display which covers the global impact of Shakespeare’s works and an interactive history of the Original Rose Theatre.


Shakespeare's original Globe